One–On–One personal coaching (one hr sessions)

10 week program which involve:

Batting drills, bowling drills, personal technical assessment, tactical advice. Video analysis, verbal and written feedback.

COST: One on One – 1 hour – weekly for 10 weeks – $70 per session paid weekly

Group Match Up One Hr Sessions (Max of 2)

10 week program which involve:

Game related tactical advice, exploring batsmen and bowlers strengths, exploiting batsmen/bowlers weaknesses in a competitive environment. Verbal feedback discussing tactics like bowling variations and field placements and developing attacking and adventurous stroke play.

COST: Group Match Up Session  – 1 hour – weekly for 10 weeks – $55 per person, per session paid weekly



Capella Reserve, Hallett Cove



Action Indoors Sports Centre Morphett Vale (WINTER SEASON ONLY)

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